My name is Sarah Rose Nordgren and I’m one of the three sisters behind The Makery, the lucky winner of the Smoffice competition held by the Durham Chamber and Downtown Durham. Since May 1, The Makery has been working out of the World’s Smallest Office in the front window of Beyu Caffe on Main Street.

Brita and Sarah Rose talk with NBC-17 at the crack of dawn,

The first month in the Smoffice has been amazing. As Durham natives, it’s been wonderful to return to town and be a part of all the exciting things that are happening in the city. The Chamber has connected us with a number of local business people and new friends, and we’ve been delighted by how welcoming and helpful the local professional community has been. We’ve also started to get used to being “on stage” in the front window of Beyu, and have been honing our concentration skills in the midst of the bustling café (it’s a good thing Beyu has great musical taste)!

We feel that the most wonderful thing about Durham right now is the community spirit and energy behind new projects. So many people are willing to share their advice and expertise, and they are genuinely interested to learn about what you’re doing and to become involved.

Sarah Rose and Krista Anne test Durham's knowledge at Fullsteam's Thursday trivia night.

We’re hard at work revving up for our launch at the end of the summer, and are excited to continue making new connections and to explore all the possibilities ahead of us. To learn more about The Makery, visit our blog and facebook page, and request an invitation to join as an early member for our launch. We’d also love to meet you in person, so please come by and introduce yourself the next time you’re walking by the Smoffice!

-Sarah Rose and The Sister Team