When you’re ready to start building a business, there is a good process to follow that assures that you take care of the most important parts first. Although many entrepreneurs want to start with their favorite part (often building the product), it is wiser to follow this process, which helps entrepreneurs avoid some of the pitfalls others have fallen into.

In addition to the process, this briefing also walks the entrepreneur through a process of self and business discovery to set appropriate goals that will get you where you want to go. This is a quick overview. If you want more depth, please check out the Durham Chamber’s Chamber U series of workshops and seminars that guide business owners through the essentials of building a successful business.

Big Think – How to Build a Successful Business

About the guest blogger:

Craig Mathews
Chief Thinkologist at Big Think
CEO of TribeSpring

Craig is a business and marketing strategist and small business advocate. He has started and run three businesses, and has helped hundreds of companies in North Carolina and internationally to increase profitability. He works with and has taught the entrepreneurship program at UNC Business School, and will assume the role of Chair of the Small Business Council at the Durham Chamber at the end of May. Big Think uncovers hidden opportunities for profitable growth. TribeSpring is a mobile app that makes it easier for small business owners and salespeople to make money by referral. Feel free to reach Craig at craig@bigthinkresults.com.