Durham is one of America’s ‘creative class’ capitals. And the Art Institute of Raleigh-Durham, has made it their mission to keep it that way.

 Not only does their curriculum prepare students for careers in, for example, graphic design, fashion and the culinary arts, but they’re sending the best and brightest into the ‘real world’ to support business and nonprofits, hone their skills and enhance our remarkable community.

 Urban Ministries of Durham and Housing for New Hope — two exemplary nonprofits — know exactly how this works. As each group worked with a respected Bull City marketing firm (McKinney and Republik, respectively), Art Institute students eagerly stepped in to help implement new branding strategies.

 In short, they eagerly climbed into the trenches and helped secure wins — not in theory, but in the real world, replete with deadlines, competing demands and high stakes.

 As this work continues with groups like the Triangle Community Foundation,  find out how the Art Institute can help support your business or nonprofit with creative, hardworking students.

 Please contact President Chris Mesecar (cjmesecar@aii.edu) to find out more.