Attention business professionals! I need your input!

The Chamber and Durham Public Schools are seeking information on careers and skill sets needed for Durham and RTP-based businesses and organizations. 

Why do we care?  DPS wants to bring relevance into the classroom and guidance office by sharing information about your future career/job needs. It’s all about building a  strong talent pipeline that aligns with talent demand. Fringe benefit…it makes learning more fun!

Here’s how YOU can help make the connection. Forward this blog post to your team’s HR professionals and hiring managers and ask them to help us by completing a  a simple  five question survey (+four optional questions)Click here for the survey.  Please complete the survey by Oct. 7 (it  should only take a few minutes). Thereafter, watch for an upcoming blog post with bullet points on what we discover.  : )

Want to share additional information? E-mail:


Kathy Hoffmeier