How can a green roof save your business money? Just ask Marc Pons, owner of Chapel Hill Tire Co. Car Care Center.

The company recently opened its fourth location in Woodcroft Shopping Center in Durham. The new location has a live plant covering on its roof. That’s right! The facility utilizes the root system to aid with run-off and the plants themselves act as an insulator for the building. Plant coverings also improve air quality and help reduce the Urban Heat Island Effect, a condition in which city and suburban developments absorb and trap heat.

Chapel Hill Tire Co. is Green Plus Certified, so green business practices aren’t new to them. The company also offers Environmentally Friendly Oil (EFO), purchase of carbon offsets for each oil change, Nitrofill tire inflation services and lead-free weights for balancing tires.

There are two styles of green roofs that businesses can use: extensive and intensive. Extensive green roofs, the style used by Chapel Hill Tire Co., are lighter, weighing 15-50 pounds per square foot. They are composed of native ground cover that require little maintenance.  Intensive green roofs are essentially elevated parks that have shrubs, trees, walkways and benches. All of this requires complex structural support, irrigation, drainage and root protection layers. The required 12 inches of dirt for an intensive green roof weighs about 80-150 pounds per square foot.

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