Many successful marketers employ a strategy that some refer to as “give to get”.  The idea is that  you give something away for free to let your prospects get to know you, without risk to them.  Mrs. Fields Cookies did this with great success by positioning employees outside mall store locations with platters full of free bite sized cookie pieces.  Her market got a little taste of her products and that taste often resulted in a purchase.

Internet marketers have been doing this since…forever.  They almost always give away a free ebook, a free course or a free newsletter.  

Just yesterday the Chamber staff was fortunate to experience some give to get marketing by one of our very own members.  Kim Ellis of Another Broken Egg Cafe (on Erwin Rd. in Durham) noticed on our calendar that we were having a morning meeting.  Without being asked, she contacted Ginny Kirk Andrews our Director of Membership Development, and offered to bring in breakfast.  When Ginny Kirk mentioned this, I assumed she’d bring pastries and bagels…boy was I wrong!!!

Kim cooked scrambled eggs, french toast and sausage.  She brought in fresh fruit with yogurt toppings and an assortment of freshly baked mini muffins.  We didn’t ask her to do this and she never asked us to write this.  In fact, she didn’t ask us to do anything—which makes her gesture that much more extraordinary!!!

Because she took the initiative, because she GAVE freely without expectation (and frankly because her food was darn good), it is my privilege to write this blog about Kim Ellis and Another Broken Egg Cafe!  She gets it!

Kim has perfected the art of “give to get” marketing!


–Jackie McLaughlin, Finance Director