Having a school-aged child can be frustrating…not because of field trips, school events, open houses and the PTA, but because of the homework the children are given!

Now that my son is in high school, I am not even up to the challenge when he needs help in math or science.  The curriculum he is learning is far beyond me.

But, thankfully this last weekend, I came across a wonderful, new, free resource www.khanacademy.org.  It is a website filled with instructional videos on every subject imaginable and the story behind it is rather quite remarkable too.

When Salman Khan’s young cousin was visiting his family, it came to light that she was struggling in math.  He began tutoring her, first in person and then once she returned home, over the phone.  Eventually he found himself repeating the same lessons over and over again and so a friend suggested he create a video and upload it to You Tube.  That way his cousin could receive help any time and as often as she needed it.  His videos worked and they grew in popularity.

Eventually Bill Gates got involved and the rest, as they say, is history.  No one can tell the story as well as Salman Khan himself  so if you’re as curious as I was you’ll find the following this video fascinating. 

Yesterday, my son asked me for help with quadratic factors (or was it functions??), after lifting my jaw up off the ground, I referred him to Khan Academy!