Durham residents…we need your help! Two very important referenda are on the ballot tomorrow and we encourage you to vote YES for both.

As our region continues to grow, we will soon be the only major metro area in the country without a coordinated, connected transit system.  These systems are key to moving people to and from employment centers.  They affect businesses’ ability to get people to and from work in ways we often take for granted here in Durham.  You may not realize it, but 20% of the people that live in Wake County travel to Durham everyday to get to work.  BUT, 20% of the people that live in Durham County travel outside Durham each day to get to work. Our ability to efficiently move people to and from work becomes a key economic consideration when companies are comparing one community to another.

To this end, congestion continues to be a challenge for Triangle residents and it’s a problem that is only going to get worse.  Within the coming years, the Triangle will see an increase in population to the tune of 1 – 2 million people due to the presence of colleges and universities, strong economic climate and great quality of life.  Now is the time for us to make a choice for our future.  As our country looks to rebuild itself, it’s projects like infrastructure investment that will provide opportunities for our friends and neighbors to be put back to work. Supporting this issue would help spark job growth, providing jobs to nearly 6,400 Triangle residents.  Vote YES for TRANSIT on November 8! 

Equally as important, we have seen significant cutbacks in education funding that will also surely have detrimental consequences to our economic development efforts.  Durham County has also voted to include on the November 8 ballot a ¼ cent sales and use tax referendum specifically designated for education purposes. This includes additional funding for Durham Public Schools to help maintain teachers and appropriate class sizes, scholarships and tuition assistance for Durham Public Schools graduates and Durham residents for classes and training at Durham Technical Community College as well as funding for transition to kindergarten programs at Durham’s Partnership for Children.  Again,  SUPPORT the EDUCATION referendum on November 8!

These referenda are important to our community and we hope that you will help Durham thrive by voting YES!