Tickets for parking longer than the posted time in on-street spaces will soon cost more. Effective July 1, 2015, parking violations will double, from $10 to $20. The increase is a result of more demand for on-street parking created by a growing downtown, with new businesses, hotels, restaurants, and apartments.

City officials hope the ticket increase will encourage parking space turnover to better accommodate short-term visitors and guests to downtown establishments. A recent City study showed that parking demands in the downtown area were at, or very near, capacity during peak conditions, and recommended increasing fines for on-street parking violations.

As an alternative to on-street parking, downtown visitors may also use City parking garages or surface parking lots for $1 per hour. A map of these parking facilities can be found on the City’s website.

Lanier Parking Solutions, which manages the City’s parking facilities and downtown on-street parking, will also be responsible for the enforcement of on-street parking time limits. A one-month grace period throughout June is planned to help inform visitors and customers of the increased parking violation penalty. After the grace period ends, $10 parking citations will be increased to $20 and issued to vehicles that remain in the marked on-street parking spaces for longer than the posted limits.

For additional information about parking services, visit the City’s website or contact Lanier Parking Solutions at (919) 680-2481.