Hope Marasco needs your help! By day, she assists her husband Blake, owner of Innovative Renovation, on most days, but it’s what she’s doing in her spare time that requires a bit of your assistance.

Hope has received an Emerging Artist Grant from the Durham Arts Council and now she’s embarking on a musical venture into the soundscape.

Throughout this summer and fall,  Hope will be making on-the-spot, live recordings with other local musicians. This week that magic struck in her living room as her bluegrass band, Down River, was working up a new song–a cover of the classic country tune Sea of Heartbreak. Here’s what they got in one live take:  Sea of Heartbreak 

If you’re a musician who’d like to participate in this project, please reach out to Hope at hope@DurhamCommunityBuilder.org or (919) 619-0796. Be sure to check out her journey at www.DurhamCommunityBuilder.org