I am always amazed by the huge increase in internet articles and features that routinely appear around this time of year about what is appropriate attire after Labor Day…as though some magical date on the calendar suddenly turns white into something that gets you whispered about in the elevator ride up to your office!  Intrigued by this phenomenon, I did a little research. I found an article that explained the origin of “the appropriateness of summer white” which in a nutshell had more to do with its light weight features that appealed to affluent families moving to the countryside for the summer (pre-air conditioning) than it did fashion.  The move back to their urban house after Labor Day necessitated darker clothing to ward off the dirt and grime of city life.  Yet, here we are 100 years later debating what to wear after Labor Day.

White clothing to most of us is symbolic of the lazy days of summer and with fall comes the hectic days of back-to-school and approaching year-end deadlines. So, how about this….let’s take a deep breath this month, our first month back from summer, and tackle the next four months of craziness by wearing our “Durham Pride”. 

We are two-thirds through 2011. Except for an occasional trip to the beach or the mountains, we’ve been working our butts off to make our businesses profitable and successful.  With just a few short months left in the year, I’m suggesting that you take a few minutes out to celebrate the accomplishments of year with your fellow Chamber members at our upcoming Business Excellence Awards dinner on Thursday, September 15. 

It’s one of my FAVORITE events…mostly because all we do is celebrate. We spend a fun hour or two together, breaking bread and saying “way to go” to a dozen or so of your colleagues who have achieved great success this past year.  It’s a great way to wear your “Durham Pride” and begin the post Labor Day season with an upbeat and positive look at how businesses are making significant strides in Durham.  The optimism is infectious; the company some of the best; the hooting and hollering – some of the loudest!

To register, simply click here.  You’ll not only enjoy the awards ceremony, but you’ll be the very first to debut the latest in our line of crazy Durham Chamber videos.  This one is sure to go viral and sure to be absolutely unique in the chamber world.  More importantly, the creativity is sooooooo Durham. Just another reason to wear your “Durham Pride”….Labor Day or not!

See you at the Business Excellence Awards!