With so many businesses needing to take great images fast for their marketing and social media uses, now is a terrific time to check out what’s going on before buying your next camera.

If you’re asking which camera is the best fit for your organization/business, new Chamber member Ken Huth has just updated his 2015 recommendations.

“This is the biggest change in camera tech in about ten years, and answers a lot of people’s real needs (not just adding bells & whistles or selling more megapixels). This is all about getting better photos, with a camera you love to grab and take everywhere,” Huth says.

The basic choice is always snap cam­era (most brands are just fine… I’ve liked Canon bet­ter lately), then SLR like the Canon Rebel is what I recommended before (bet­ter qual­ity, bet­ter in low light, can add flash). But now the ‘mir­ror­less’ cam­eras are a won­der­ful middle.

Read the full article at: HuthPhoto.com/camera