For the past 50+ years, American parents have encouraged their children to go to college, secure a degree in a professional career and land a good job with a good salary.

In the 21st century, college may help a young adult land a job … though, as many Gen Y’s (born 1975-89) and Gen Z’s (born 1990-2010) and their parents/guardians are learning, there are no guarantees that a degree will bring career success.

My advice, let’s…

  • Change the message…let’s encourage: birth-to-career success for every child and young adult¬†in our community, nation and world.
  • Offer career exploration in the secondary education setting with the expectation of earning a high school diploma and completing post secondary education that matches each student’s career aspirations.
  • Encourage students to be flexible¬†(the average person changes careers 3-5 times), focus on “life-long learning” and have a back-up plan.

Do you agree? Feel free to email me your thoughts…