Just what is Angie’s list, why do businesses /consumers need to know about it, and who is the real “Angie”?

Is it even relevant to the Durham Business community? You decide…

I recently had a great cup of coffee with Ruthy Jones at Rue Cler.  She’s the client representative for the main branch of Carpe Diem. She mentioned how Angie’s List has helped the cleaning business gain positive word-of-mouth referrals. I’ve used Craig’s List and a few others, but Angie was new to me.

It turns out the list in question is really driven by consumers like you and I that are frustrated or super enthusiastic about a mechanic/hotel /plumber/dentist/doctor and want to have their voice heard. Reviews can be positive as well as constructive; the key is to give feedback so that others in your community can learn from your mistakes/successes in finding quality service providers.

It is a service that comes with a price – to ensure “unbiased reports and reviews… of local professionals that have done work in your area” and membership is crucial if you want your review of a business to impact the overall grade of the company or doctor. Non-members can report on the service they received but it doesn’t affect the businesses current grade.

And the “Angie” behind it all is Angie Hicks, a working mom from Columbus, Ohio (Buckeyes beware). She is an example of women being effective in their community. After her partner had experienced severe frustration with contractors, she started the list in her hometown to help people figure out who they should use and who to avoid.

Click here for more info: http://www.angieslist.com/inthepress.aspx.