May 31, 2013

Google Maps ‘Street View’ comes to Durham

The Greater Durham Chamber of Commerce  is excited to announce  Google Maps ‘Street View’ is available to your business!  It provides the public with a way to take a virtual tour in and throughout your establishment to help people decide where to eat, play, shop, and stay.  Businesses that participate … read more

The Small Business Council wants your input

The Durham Chamber Small Business Council is focused on providing the activities, resources, and opportunities to help you grow personally and professionally, which impacts your business growth. We would love to hear from you how we can better serve you, and how you would like to engage with the chamber.… read more

May 28, 2013

Small Business Store Hours Sign Giveaway

We’re wrapping up National Small Business Month and there’s no better way to end the celebration than with a giveaway!

Starting today, is giving away 5,000 business hours window decals for small business owners. The Business Hours Giveaway is completely free. There are 11 different designs to choose from … read more

May 16, 2013

Make the Pie Bigger: The Secret to Sales is in Giving it Away

For small business owners, sales can be tricky. As I’ve developed my businesses and advised others over the years, the most effective tool I’ve found for growing my business is counter-intuitive: helping others. As I’ve helped others without expecting anything in return, I have found that others give back to … read more

May 13, 2013

How to build a successful business

When you’re ready to start building a business, there is a good process to follow that assures that you take care of the most important parts first. Although many entrepreneurs want to start with their favorite part (often building the product), it is wiser to follow this process, which helps … read more

May 6, 2013

Small Businesses Rock!

May is Small Business Month, and the Durham Chamber’s Small Business Council is rolling out some resources from members for members. But first, take a look at some statistics about small businesses.

According to IDC, small businesses:

  • Represent more than 99.7% of all employers
  • Produce over $6 trillion in GDP
read more
May 1, 2013

Celebrate Small Business

Did you know that more than half of Americans either own or work for a small business? Did you know that small businesses create about two out of three new jobs in the U.S. each year?

Small businesses truly are the lifeblood of communities throughout the U.S. and Durham is … read more