February 29, 2012

Things that make you go hhhmmm…

Working at a Chamber is not without its benefits.  One of those is fielding some pretty crazy questions and requests.  We never cease to be amazed at what it is individuals THINK we do.  Here are just a few REAL examples…

 “I need to get my daughter’s records from a … read more

February 28, 2012

The Smoffice

It’s the world’s smallest office! Click here for details and learn how to apply!… read more

Next up…The Smoffice

And you thought the Stampede was creative…

The Chamber and DDI are back at it again with the launch of The Smoffice – the world’s smallest office – it’s about 25 square feet. Yes, you read that correctly! The Smoffice launches this week in the Bull City and applications are … read more

February 27, 2012

Durham 2.0

What’s next for Durham? Find out at the Economic Development Summit on April 18! Click here for more information.… read more

February 16, 2012

When you DELIGHT someone – You WIN

Last week, it was my turn to submit a blog post to our communications department, but I was blank on a topic, until the morning it was due.  I suppose the erratic weather may have had something to do with it, or the book I was reading called The Coming read more

February 14, 2012

Show your love for Durham’s young children

When we ask businesses why they come to or stay in Durham, the most frequently cited answer is our talent pool.  We know, all too well,  that a talent pipeline must be continually nurtured if it is to grow.  Since one of our goals is to facilitate growth in the … read more

February 10, 2012

The Man Behind the Bulls

We’ve gotten tons of feedback about the promotional materials for our upcoming Annual Meeting. As we like to say around the Chamber office, it’s totally “Durhamy”.  The Chamber was very fortunate to team up with Seth Patrick for this project.

So, who is the man behind the bulls?

Seth  is … read more

February 7, 2012

Are you utilizing all the functions of QuickBooks?

We can all agree the use of financial information is a valuable tool for any business.  Reports are not only used for internal use, but bankers, accountants, shareholders and other advisory groups need those reports (at any given point during the year) to help the business in various ways. 

My … read more